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Possession Order Proceedings – Section 21

Section 21 accelerated Possession Order can be used if your tenants have not left by the date specified by the section 21 notice, this service focusses on, initiating possession proceedings with precision and efficiency . Our experienced team is well-versed in the legal nuances involved in serving Section 21 Notices and navigating the subsequent Possession Order Proceedings.

Once the correct notice is served, and in the event of the tenant remaining at the property we would then need to issue possession order proceedings on your behalf. This is where we review all the required documents and file the application with the courts. Our fee includes the initial consultation and reviewing of the documents, legal fees for the application and the court fee.

If the tenant fails to respond to the claim, we will request the possession order form the courts.

In the event the tenant files a defence, that the judge is satisfied with, directions will be made, and this will then lead to a hearing. At the hearing an advocate will be appointed to represent you. Once the order is made, the tenant will be given a set date to vacate by and pay the costs. Usually this is 14 days.

*Fixed fee service includes solicitors’ fees for the application and the court fee.

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