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Strikes Group Residential Evictions - Judgement Enforcement / Writ of Control

Residential Evictions Judgement Enforcement Writ of Control. Once we are in possession of the judgement order we will seek to uplift this too the High Court for enforcement by our very own High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEO).

Once the Writ is back from the High Court, we must then send a notice of enforcement to the debtor demanding payment within 7 clear working days.

If the debtor pays in full the file is closed and the monies transferred to yourselves.

If the debtor fails to pay or agree to an acceptable arrangement, our HCEO will then attend the premises to collect the funds or take goods into control.

Upon collection all fees that have been paid upfront are returned to you.

*Fixed Fee service includes court uplift fee, Notice of Enforcement fee, and Execution Costs.

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