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Section 21 Notice

Tailored for landlords navigating the complexities of property management, the Section 21 Notice is a vital tool for initiating possession proceedings. At Strikes, we understand the significance of this process and offer a specialized service to assist landlords in a seamless and efficient manner.

A Section 21 Notice can be used to end an assured shorthold tenancy. A landlord does not have to give a reason or grounds for the possession, unlike the section 8 notice. A section 21 must give a minimum of 2 months’ notice.

You must be cautious, as if the notice is invalid this can be used by the tenant in defence to resist and even stop possession proceedings. It is therefore vitally important to have the notice done by a professional.

Reasons for an invalid notice can range from, incorrect information, incorrect forms, not served correctly or incorrect notice period.

To ensure you are compliant we would require certain documents from a landlord, such as EPC, How to Rent Guide, copy of the lease, tenancy deposit scheme details etc.

*Fixed fee service includes the review of the documents and the notice.

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